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Badminton Mixed Doubles

NBCL 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide Shuttlecocks? If so, what kind of Shuttlecocks?
    No, the organizers do not provide any shuttlecocks. Each participant must bring their own DBV Approved feather shuttlecocks (example: Victor Service - SPEED 77, Yonex Aerosensa 30 Speed 77). You could buy the shuttles at the counter for your games. However, we recommend you buy at your favorite shop/stores prior to reaching the location.
  • I am not playing for any Club or registered with any Club. Which category should I register for?
    You can register for any category. Just make sure that it is fair play for other players. In case of doubt, please contact the organizers via email or Whatsapp.
  • I do not know if I played for a league sponsored by a German state Badminton Federation. Which category should I register for?
    If you are registered in any Badminton club (Verein) and played interclub matches or tournaments you will have to register in Group A if you have played in categories: Bundesliga , Verbandsligen, Bezirksliga Oberliga ,Bezirksliga A Group B if you have played in categories: Bezirksliga B, Bezirksliga C Group C if you have not played in any of the above categories
  • I have played for (represented) a hobby group for my Club/Verein. Which category should I register for?
    If you can prove you have only played for Hobby group, you can register for Group C.
  • What kind of proof do I need to provide to prove my playing category/level (application only for Hobby group participants registered in a Club/Verein)?
    The following can be accepted: Live link from the tournaments you have played where category is mentioned Your Club’s official website where you have listed with your category mentioned Official score of at least one tournament where your category is mentioned Please respect the data privacy of your partners or other club members.
  • I am participating in more than one category. Is the time sufficient for all matches of the same category on the same day?
    We plan to complete all matches of that category on the same day. We have booked the entire facility just for you! There are 16 courts! How efficient we are depends on your cooperation. Please be prepared to stay from 09:00 till 21:00. Day 1 on 15th June 2024: The categories are: Men’s Doubles Women’s Doubles On Day 1 , a player can’t participate in both categories. Day 2 on 16th June 2024: The categories are: Men’s Singles Women’s Singles Mixed Doubles On Day 2, some of the players are participating in two categories. We will make all efforts to give time for you to rest. Since we have just one day to complete, our planning includes completing all games by 20:00 on that day. Please take note of this if you are participating in both the categories.
  • Will this be a knock-out from the beginning of the tournament?
    It is a league format with different groups and Knockout will start after group stages. You will get to play 2-3 matches at least during the group stage.
  • How many teams will be participating in each category?
    We are targeting to have: Men’s Doubles: Group A: 16 teams Group B: 24 teams Group C: 32 teams Women’s Doubles: Group A: 8 teams Group B: 8 teams Group C: 8 teams Men’s Singles: Group A: 16 teams Group B: 16 teams Group C: 24 teams Women’s Singles: Group A: 8 teams Group B: 8 teams Group C: 8 teams Mixed Doubles: Group A: 8 teams Group B: 8 teams Group C: 16 teams Organizers reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of teams. If there is no minimum number of teams, organizers reserve the right to cancel that discipline, that results in refund of the registration fee for those who already registered and paid.
  • When are the draws made available for us?
    Draws are made available to you 3 days prior to the event. You will be invited to participate while we pick the draws. It will be a very transparent process.
  • What is the prize money?
    We intend to provide the prize money as follows provided the full participation in all categories. In case of low participation, the organizers reserve the right to change the prize money without any advance notice. Both Winners and Runners-up will receive the Trophy and a Certificate.
  • I’ve received an email indicating my participation in the waiting list. When will you confirm with me about my participation?
    As soon as the team size reaches the target number of teams, you will receive an email confirming your participation if you are in the prioritized waiting list.
  • What is a prioritized waiting list?
    Those who are on the waiting list and made their payment.
  • Do I need to pay when my team (or me in case of Men’s Singles) are on the waiting list?
    We advise you to pay even though you are on the waiting list to avoid losing an opportunity to play. You will be given about 4 hours to pay once the number of teams reaches the intended target. If you don’t pay within those hours, the next batch of teams in the waiting list gets the opportunity to pay and participate. You will be offered again if some slots are still available. To avoid losing a spot due to delay in payment, we suggest you pay and be on a prioritized waiting list and anyway we refund the full amount if you don’t get an opportunity to play.
  • What if I pay while on the waiting list and do not get a confirmation email to participate?
    You will get the full refund for that category for which you did not receive the confirmation email.
  • I registered for one of the doubles categories. Are you also communicating with my partner?
    No, you are captain of your team. We do not collect your partner’s contact details and hence we do not communicate with your partner. It is your responsibility to pay the entry fee for your team (including your partner) and bring in your partner on the day of the event!
  • I am registered for one of the categories and have not paid yet. Can I come on the day of the event directly and pay the entry fee on the same day before the start of the games?
    No. Your participation is only confirmed via an email from the organizers. A confirmation email is only sent once we receive the full payment for the team for the subscribed categories.
  • I have already paid the entry fee. I do not want to participate anymore. Will I get refunded?
    Unfortunately no. We have given enough time between the registration and payment. We would have declined some participants if we were full. The good news is you can bring in new team members (or members), nominate them (by writing an email or with WhatsApp) and collect the fee from them directly. This transaction is outside the knowledge of the organizers and hence we are not responsible for such transactions.
  • Am I allowed to change partners and till when?
    You are allowed to change your partner for whatever reasons. It is the responsibility of the captain to nominate a replacement at least 1 week before the tournament starts. And we would like to remind you that it is your responsibility to bring in your partner on the day of the event. In exceptional cases (sick or injured), we may allow to change your partner till beginning of the tournament.
  • I have registered without a partner. I am confident I can find one. Can I pay the entry fee and confirm a place for my team?
    Yes, sure
  • I have registered without a partner. Will you find one for me?
    No. We recommend you find yourself, play a few practice games yourself with your new partner. In case any players ask for a partner, we make a best effort to find one. Please do not rely on us since there are many participants we do not know the level of his/her game.
  • Do you provide Badminton Rackets and Shoes?
    No, players bring their own rackets and non-marking shoes. There is no facility to rent the Rackets or Shoes at the tournament location.
  • I do not have non-marking shoes? Am I allowed to play with normal sports shoes?
    No. Non-marking shoes are mandatory and without them, you will not be allowed to enter the Badminton courts. We also advice to wear the sports cloths for your comfort
  • Can I reach the venue by public transportation?
    Yes, Anne-Frank Schule is 10 min walk from Raunheim S-Bahn Station, which is well connection with S8 and S9 S-Bahn. Tournament address: Anne-Frank-Schule, Haßlocher Str. 25, 65479 Raunheim
  • Is there parking available for my car?
    Yes, there is enough parking spaces available around the school.
  • Is there a shower and changing room?
    Yes, there is shower and changing room available
  • Will there be food and drinks available?
    Yes. Light food and drinks available throughout the day at nominal cost.
  • I am coming with my family. Am I allowed to bring my family?
    Of course. Families are welcome. It is just that the event could be long and boring for the little ones. They can cheer you up though!
  • I am not playing. However, I am good as a referee or a line judge. Can I participate as a volunteer?
    Yes, of course. Please reach out to the organizers via WhatsApp or an email.
  • I am good in Photography or Videography or Photo/Video editing. Can I join you as a volunteer?
    Yes, of course. Please reach out to the organizers via WhatsApp or an email. We request you to bring your own equipment. We make sure to acknowledge your work whenever we publish the material produced by you. Please note that all the content belongs to the organizers
  • I have some more questions that are not listed in the FAQ above. Can I contact you?
    Yes, of course. Please WhatsApp or write us an email.
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